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, city and county of san francisco and a local consumer group will file a formal letter of protest against what they are calling a backroom deal between the pg&e and puc. the group says the state puc chose mitchell without input or consent from any of the parties except pg&e. >>> this morning amtrak investigating another collision between a train and vehicle in the central valley. it happened after 8:00 last night, as the train left the station platform in ma dare . the people in the vehicle managed to get out before the train hit it. no word on how this accident happened. the same thing happened friday less than a mile north on the same tracks last week. >>> good news for giants' fans looks like second baseman scutaro will be able to play this afternoon. yesterday scutaro ran sprints and took batting practice after the team arrived in st. louis. monday he was taken out by matt holliday on a slide into second. scutaro suffered strained left hip and soreness in his left knee. first pitch today 1:07 p.m. our time. >>> i'm hearing something about storms possibly in that area fouling u
section slow traffic there confined to the south part of the bridge as you head into san francisco light traffic. roadwork throughout marin county. cortamadera to mill valley until 6:00 this morning. 280, 85 roadwork both ramps. 280 shutdown until 6 a.m. police activity valencia street in san francisco. >>> federal search agencies continue to look for pilot and plane that took off from half moon bay 24 hoursing aheaded for tucson, arizona but did not show up. the pilot's wife reported the plane missing. tail number n 72 ah. airport officials at half moon bay confirm the plane is not on the property, faa ordered search. registered owner is a man from florida it is not clear if he was flying the plane. >>> police in the north bay are searching for whomever shot a man in an apartment complex last night. santa rosa police were called out around 9:00 after they received a report of shooting. when officers arrived they found a man with a gunshot wound to the stomach. his condition is not known. police say they were searching for a 2012 jeep believed to be involved. >>> big night for giants the
there will be construction on the san mateo bridge. bay bridge light, no traffic heading into san francisco. from tracy to the altamont pass right now speeds at limit 15 minutes headed into the dublin pleasanton area. westbound 4 somersville debris in the right lane drivers are swerving there, so be careful. >>> in oakland this morning cleanup crews will be sweeping up debris and graffiti left by anti-afghan war protest that go out of control. amy hollyfield is live to tell house is behind it. >> reporter: take a look at city hall. they haven't even boarded up the doors here yet. still huge holes where they bashed in the windows here and vandals didn't stop here. they also bashed in windows at several buildings downtown at&t building, police rhee ing station. they stuck to the -- to the area around city hall, franklin, 20th, they trashed four cars on franklin and one of the owners was disgusted. >> i don't know what message they are sending. they need to educate themselves. we are just hardworking people, average people. >> reporter: this started as an occupy oakland rally 6:00 last night there was ant
lane. >>> developing news out of san francisco. early morning chase and shooting and crash, left busy intersection closed. amy hollyfield is live in the western addition to tell us what happened. >> reporter: it ended here at franklin with a crash quite a reaction to police just trying to pull a white car over because officers say the light on the plate was out. the guys took off. there was a high speed chase then a crash when the car ran a red light at franklin and eddie. the white car crash food a taxicab. before they crashed police say the passenger was firing shots at the police officers. once the crash happened the two men took off, running. officers ran after them. they were able to catch one the shooter. the driver did get away. they are still looking for one man. police officers were okay, none hurt. the taxi driver was taken to the hospital. he has an injured hand. he's going to be fine. police say given how fast the guys were going it is amazing there weren't more injuries and the injuries weren't more serious. the investigators are here taking a look at the scene trying to
.34, the price yesterday. san francisco about the same, san jose at $4.53. wow! look at drivers, you know what they are going to be saying. experts say they are blaming it on the richmond fire also pipeline problems in southern california shortages around california. while the wholesale price has gone up a dollar a gallon you and me buying retail have only felt 30 cents of that so far the prices could jump up far more. >> $5:19. i can't count that high for 89, not even many >> i have to talk to my customers and tell them -- these prices are going to be higher. >> reporter: nationwide prices are easing down. prices are up here in california. also on the east coast, it is bad and it is going to be getting worse. if you have a smartphone you might want to download the app gastil buddy.com here we are -- gastil buddy.com. if you feel like driving three miles from in location several hours ago the prices were $4.19, you can save a bundle of money if you smoke around as smokey robinson once said you got that shop around. i'm not promoting this, i've got nothing to do with gatbuddy.com. high prices
entire bay bridge getting wet now, all of san francisco at least the northern half towards the san mateo bridge rain from tennison, hayward back to san mateo burlingame, this is all sliding down to the south. if you live in the south bay, east bay valleys this is heading your way it is going to be wet in the next half hour to an hour. definitely going to be wet for the morning commute. let's find if there is any accidents. >> there are accidents. live shot of golden gate bridge water coming down, rain coming down, bart on time with the world series game they are adding extra trains. here is the problem "sig alert" highway 12 fairfield at red top road jacknifed big rig affecting both directions of highway 12, you want to use american canyon to get around. game time 5:07 expect a lot of traffic south of market around at&t park before and after the game. it is going to be tough this afternoon. >>> to expand on that game tonight the giants host the tigers in game one of the world series. baseball fans and local businesses are jazzed about the team's return to the series and money-making pote
5:00 this morning. elsewhere, accident southbound 101 cesar chavez in san francisco blocking a lane, chp on scene. roadwork southbound through mill valley those bright lights are very distracting take extra care. >>> it has been a violent night in san jose. police are investigating the city's 35th and 36th homicides of the year latest shortly after midnight in east san jose many officers say a man standing with several people near a residence was hot to death by someone who approached them then ran. in downtown area a fight 100 block of south second street a man died at the hospital. >>> vallejo police investigating a deadly double shooting that may have result from a dispute between neighbors. one man is under arrest. amy hollyfield is live at the scene. >> reporter: i just spoke with a man who lives on the street, he says he cannot believe this happened here. police arrived here last night and found two bodies in a yard here it is a nice, well-kept street with new construction, two-story homes. they arrested a 65-year-old after a hostage negotiator convinced him to surrender. he d
. >>> beginning of a new era for grocery shoppers in san francisco who will have to bring their own shopping bags or pay up. the plastic ban starts today, shoppers can bring their own wags or pay for paper or compostable bags for 10 cents each. sue thompson will have more in a live report, in the next half hour. >>> south bay tech giant hewlett-packard unveiling new tablet this morning. they gave abc7 news a sneak preview, the hp elite pad aimed at business customers it is for people who need portability and productivity they say. they are trying to branch out into smartphones and tablets after being stuck in a world of desk tops, laptops and printers. it won't be available until next year. >>> we've been talking the heat and how east bay valleys are going to heat up. >> [ unintelligible ] >>> we had to turn on the ac once the house heats up to 78, 80, that's what we have it for. we don't use it often not this is up myrrh into the early fall. good morning, to warm in some areas, cool at the coast. 48° at half moon bay, 57 in san francisco redwood city, 67 in antioch. definitely warm in a few are
the tigers down. giants beat detroit 2-0 and san francisco needs to win two more to capture the second world series title in three years. i'm same live at mccovey cove with family action. >> they are giving you a little bit of anything. if you like blowouts you got that. if you like a nail-biter they gave you that last night. the giants' fans seemed happy. they liked what they saw with their team now up 2-0 in this series. its position in this postseason series but not quite used to. they are up and. fans are so excited. some of them stood in line and watched through a chain link fence in the out field for free. >> came and waited in line. yeah for a couple of hours. in we were, it was amazing. >> reporter: now the team is headed to detroit. they will leave this morning. giants are going to take their entire front office to detroit. they usually don't to do that but because of this world series they want everyone to share in the moment. they are worried about how cold it's supposed to be. the giants are set to play tomorrow with vogelsong pitching for the giants. >> kristen: how cold it is g
territory of san francisco yesterday on a day when the poll up ins that were released don't look good for the president. pew research center found mitt romney is leading 49-45%. the first major poll taken since he debated mitt romney. the president's debate performance was widely criticized even by his supporters. some said they came out to support him in san francisco because of his debate performance. >> the debate, i thought if romney got elected and i hadn't done everything i could to help, i would never forgive . that's why i'm here today. -- >> reporter: the president is in town to raise money this is his sixth visit here this year. he told supporters he intends to win this election. his next stop is ohio, a swing state. he will be leaving this morning, this is between -- on howard between fourth and fifth he will be leaving after commute rush hour, after 9:00. you want to keep that in mind if you are going to be in this area. when his motorcade is on the move they shutdown several downtown blocks. amy hollyfield, abc7 news. >>> when that does happen sue hall will be keeping us
bridge traffic light at this hour but the fog will be a factor. 280 northbound san francisco king street that extension closed. at&t park celebration got out of hand they are still cleaning up expect that closure to be lifted 6:00 this morning. roadwork in the north bay northbound 101 through cortamadera past village shopping center down to two lanes. >>> that clean up in a second. giants are waking up world series champions this morning. with that final out, which we look at now in the 10th inning, they celebrate their sweep of the tigers. at home the celebrations that began peacefully, turned rowdy and destructive in several pockets of the city. amy hollyfield kicks off live team coverage. >> reporter: to celebrate the sweep, a lot of street parties erupted down near the ballpark and market street. it included vandalism. look at this shot from sky 7, shows a bonfire lit here in the middle of the action at the ballpark at 3rd and king street. people were celebrating, dancing, popping champagne, spraying it all over the place. the big bonfire in the middle of the street also a car was ov
, upper 50s to low 60s. rain will hold off in san francisco until about 7:00 this evening when the heaviest and steadiest of the rain is most likely. dry for parade, dress for upper 50s to low 60s. >>> crews are racing to put up balloons and complete floats. it looks like die-hard fans are getting an early start. terry mcsweeney is live at the staging area south of market. >> reporter: good morning. what a morning it is. everything is heading towards getting ready for this parade. i'm at mission and stewart, market street one block that way. take a look down that street, wide open down to market. before too long the cars are going to start lining up from here that way for several blocks. over there in that nonscript rv is where they are setting up we'll hear from them. as you long down stewart you see the port-a-potties also trucks, people getting ready, driving up market a few minutes ago i see people sleeping on the sidewalk which is not uncommon in san francisco the ones there on market are wearing orange and black. they are sleeping overnight to have the best possiblewcÑ(z
city maryland for a live report. >>> in san francisco today barricades have started going up police and firefighters stakeout their positions for tomorrow's parade honoring the world series champion giants. doesn't that sound good? amy hollyfield is live at civic center plaza, that is going to be the finish line for the parade. >> reporter: it sounds great. i love. look behind me the stage is set this is where the world series champions will greet fans this is in civic center plaza this is facing the library. look how empty it is now. imagine what it is going to look like tomorrow. the team arrived home at 5:00 yesterday afternoon. adoring fans were there for them at at&t park to greet them. many waited for hours to see their champions. mvp sandoval showed off the trophy and passed it around to a couple of other players. some of the players said the world series victory is still sinking in. >> [ inaudible ] to overcome so much adversity and the end result is -- [ inaudible ] great feeling. >> we knew it -- [ inaudible ] we had a lot of people step up great moments. >> reporter: here
a comeback of their own. the big story lincecum's revival. with bats coming alive to san francisco avoided elimination 8-3 victory in cincinnati over the reds. the winner of this morning's game five goes to the championship series sandoval there, splash hit. [ unintelligible ] terry mcsweeney will have more. >>> right now following developing news from yemen, a gunman has assassinated chief of security at the u.s. embassy. he was shot in the head while on his way to work. a gunman on a motorcycle opened fire and fled. attack comes as yemen's u.s.-backed government is waging an offensive against al-qaeda in the country. >> tonight republicans try to retain momentum while democrats try to get things back on track as vice presidential candidates debate. katie marzullo is live with a preview. >> reporter: right now the running mates are in their final hours of prep. democrat biden and republican ryan both described as skilled politicians with strong policy credentials. very different styles. biden has folksy appeals and solid vice presidential portfolio. both say they've been studying. >> fran
farther north. south 280 to southbound 1 to 1 in san francisco, roadwork blocking that extension until 6:00 this morning. and westbound dumbarton roadwork, two right lanes, as well. kristen, eric. >> thank you very much. at 4:32 we begin with a celestial event that was seen and heard last night. it was a flash accompanied by a loud boom. if you missed it, won't worry, you may get another chance. abc7 news reporter is live at crissy field to explain. amy. >> good morning. keep looking up this weekend into our beautiful bay area skies because a meteor shower is expected saturday night through sunday morning. but that is not related to what you may be were lucky enough to see last night. here are some images of what happened last night. a large meteor streaked across the sky. that was at about 8:00 last night. the sound was so loud people said it shook their homes and some thought it was an earthquake. witnesses described a bright fireball with hues of red and or rank. here's an expert explanation. >> basically you saw a small car-size piece of rock and metal from the astroid belt crash thr
county deputy. >>> six were hurt in an overnight in san francisco. this morning they are in stable condition. the crash happened shortly before 10:00 last night on 18th and pennsylvania in the city's potrero hill neighborhood. the vehicle rolled over and ended up on 280. it closed one southbound lane of 280 and the mariposa off-ramp for a time but has cleared. >>> occupy oakland protesters plan to march on to frank ogawa plaza it was a year ago today police tore down their encampment, prompting violent clashes. 100 were arrested. today occupiers will does in all black and take over the plaza at noon followed by a march tonight at 7:00. police will let them go as long as it stays peaceful. >> criminal acts are not protected under the first amendment. our goal is to have a peaceful, successful event. >> what has happened in the past, obviously we all regret. but we are moving forward. >> city leaders say the plaza is the centerpiece of the downtown reviolate the mayor says they plan to move forward with 30 new business. >>> troublesome poll out for governor brown's tax initiative. pu
rejected him. he is also accused of resisting arrest, threatening officers. >>> san francisco should find out later this morning whether it is in the running to host 2016 or 2017 super bowl. abc news has confirmed the city has put in a bid to host the super bowl in the bay area which would be played at the 9ers new stadium. nfl requires any host team plays two full seasons in new stadium to qualify. it would make 2016 the first year san francisco would be eligible to host if city passes the first round it has to submit a plan by may 7th. more on the bid coming up in our next half hour. >>> this thursday is 49ers game day on jerry rice and jones join us as abc news presents the 49ers pregame show followed by 9ers taking on the seahawks. after that they will stick around for a special edition of after the game. >>> giants hope to rebond tonight and win first playoff game of the season at home. they lost game one last fight. bumgarner had a tough outing in the 6-4 loss to the cardinals. he left the game in the 4th after giving up a homerun. after the game fans were still keeping the faith. >
far, no problems into san francisco, roadwork northbound 101 through cortamadera until 6:00 this morning. southbound 680 sycamore valley road until 6:00, three left lanes block the. eastbound 4 between bailey and railroad roadwork until 6:00. >>> san francisco sheriff ross mirkarimi goes back to work this morning knowing for the first time in months he's no longer in danger of losing his job over a domestic violence incident. katie marzullo is live in the newsroom with what is ahead for the sheriff and his wife. >> reporter: the sheriff and his wife were sporting big smiles late last night after learning of their victory and supporters cheered. >> the charges of official misconduct against sheriff ross mirkarimi are not sustained. [ cheering [ >> reporter: the board of supervisors heard testimony and public comments for hours last night. they had to decide whether to upheld the ethics commission ruling that the sheriff committed official misconduct when he bruised his wife's arm in argument. nine votes were needed to oust him only sieve event voted that way. after the she
vallejo. [ inaudible ] [ inaudible ] [ inaudible ] mid to upper 50s coast into san francisco upper 50s to mid 60s for the rest of us. scattered showers during the afternoon -- [ inaudible ] the next three to four days today rain this morning, showers in the afternoon, showers possible again tuesday and wednesday and then thursday we start to see drying trend warmer -- [ inaudible ] >>> good news, san mateo bridge open next weekend's closure cancelled. "sig alert" in calistoga area highway 29 -- [ inaudible ] wires down blocking lanes. [ inaudible ] [ inaudible ] [ inaudible ] [ inaudible ] >>> sue, thank you. >>> gunman goes on shooting rampage in a spa. next, what we are learning about his connection to that business and the trouble he had been in before. >>> big decision just announced that seals lance armstrong's ban from cycling. >> first this morning's tech bites. [ inaudible ] [ inaudible ] [ inaudible ] úd [ inaudible ] [ inaudible ] [ inaudible ] [ inaudible ] lighter rain even drizzle fell towards the western sections of contra costa county. heaviest rain in the north bay. [
right now it is light headed into san francisco, obviously, no metering lights and no delays on the upper deck san rafael south 101 past lucas valley road towards the civic center light you will encounter roadwork when you get to cortamadera, off-ramps blocked until 6:00. double barton bridge both directions lanes blocked until 5:00 this morning. >>> 4:41. >> protest planned at chevron's richmond refinery demonstrators -- >> new information this morning about the chemicals in your smartphones. could they are harmful to your health? >> plan larry ellison has for his private island.3q i can't stand these spots. those spots are actually leftover food and detergent residue that can redeposit on your dishware during the rinse cycle. gross. jet-dry rinse agent helps wash them away so the only thing left behind is the shine. jet-dry rinses away residues for a sparkling shine. prove it. enough is enough. d-con no view, no touch trap snaps to kill instantly. no looking, no touching. d-con. get out. >>> good morning. live look towards san francisco on this wednesday morning. we see cle
to san francisco for games six and seven if the series goes that far. >>> president obama and mitt romney are back on the campaign trail today in battleground states. the president will try to keep the momentum going after a strong performance in last night's third and final debate. katie marzullo is live in the newsroom. most gave this round to mr. obama. >> reporter: they did. polls give the win to the president over romney. cnn poll reporting 48-40%. last night in boca raton, florida it was all about foreign policy. president obama said the u.s. and its allies have i am bowsed crippling sanctions on iran. romney answered saying the united states should have done more. he said rest petedly, we are four years closer to a -- he said repeatedly we are four years closer to a nuclear iran. >> maybe it is smaller now than any time since 1917. >> the president: we also have fewer horse and bayonets because the nature of our military as changed. >> the two did find common ground. romney applauded the killing of bin laden. both said they oppose deck u.s. military involvement in the efforts to --
and hardly any cars coming into san francisco. still roadwork north 101 cortamadera until 6:00 this morning couple of lanes blocked. if you are out this weekend annual pumpkin festival at half moon bay expect major delays highway 92 and highway 1. to get around all this let's take a look at your waze app a little slowing on skyline boulevard on 92. you can download this free to navigate this traffic jam this weekend. abc7news.com/waze. >>> 4:40. >>> planning a trip to the post office? you might want to stock up on stamps while there. >>> larry ellison's empire could soon include two pro sports teams >> if you booked a flight on american airlines for the holidays, call ahead. the latest cuts could leave you stranded. >>> happening now the space shuttle endeavour is on its final journey not airborne, but down city streets in los angeles. these are live pictures. more on this complicated journey. >>> first, this morning's tech bites. >>> samsung unveils smaller version of galaxy smartphone features four inch display, five mega pixel camera. runs on jelly bean. microsoft executive says the comp
. 11 teams from the america's cup world series will take the san francisco bay again today for the second leg. today free practice sailing with qualifying event tomorrow, championship racing begins thursday. huge turnout is expected as usual as the 45 foot boats race around the bay. the blue angels will cruise into town fleet week they arrive tonight flying in formation into sfo joined by ships and sailors from around the world. mayor lee kicked off fleet week yesterday. >> seeing the blue angels fly and practice and the parade of ships that we have. >> this is probably going to be the best week i've seen in my 36 years as doorman as sir francis drake. >> he's right there's also the bluegrass festival, oracle open world private pearl jam concert on treasure island, italian heritage parade north beach, castro fair, giants in the playoffs and 49ers home. >>> with all that you can navigate around with waze, the free traffic app. waze will automatically reroute you around any major issues and cut your diving time. download it for free from abc7news.com/waze. >>> so, it is going
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